Pipe Connector / Joiner| 'T'-Connector, 'I'-Connector, '+' Connector - 3× 10N=30 Nos

Pipe Connector / Joiner| 'T'-Connector, 'I'-Connector, '+' Connector

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Introducing the Aquarium Pipe Connector/Joiner – a versatile solution for aquarium enthusiasts seeking optimal air flow management. Choose from three essential designs: the 'T'-Connector, offering branching pathways for efficient distribution; the 'I'-Connector, facilitating linear connections for streamlined setups; and the '+' Connector, allowing multiple pipes to intersect seamlessly. Elevate your aquarium plumbing with these connectors, ensuring a well-connected and functional aquatic environment for your underwater companions.

Material: Plastic

Size: 2.5 Cm

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