Aquarium Air Pump|Venus Aqua AP-208|Single Nozzle|Power: 2.5 Watt  - AP-208

Aquarium Air Pump|Venus Aqua AP-208|Single Nozzle|Power: 2.5 Watt

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Venus Aqua AP-208 AIR PUMP

 DESCRIPTION: The AP-208 air pump is a SMALL aeration motor, with excellent capacity and adjustable air flow distribution. Economical, durable and reliable, it is widely used in hydroponics, ornamental fish farming, laboratory work, industry, education and other fields.

RECOMMENDED USE: For aquariums from 20 to 80 liters.


 MODEL: AP-208

 NOZZLE DIAMETER: 4mm to 5mm,

 DIMENSIONS: L:10cm; H:4cm; Q:7cm/



 POWER: 2.5 Watt

 VOLTAGE: 220-240



 Place the air pump preferably in an area above the aquarium or water tank, connect the outlet points with the peripherals (filters, ornaments, diffusers) using a 5mm or 3/16" silicone hose long enough to enter the bottom of the aquarium or tank and allow a safe distance for the equipment from the water.


 In the vast majority of our aeration equipment you can use regulating valves or Ts to control and distribute more oxygenation points.

 The use of non-return valves (check valve) is recommended to

 prevent accidents and equipment damage.

 Most of our models of air pumps are low noise, but sometimes the noise can be uncomfortable at night, for this you can use a cloth or pieces of cloth folded at the base to further reduce the noise.

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